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I'm a hyper and clinomaniac 22-year old from Dhaka. I can suddenly "spark out" creativity and voice passionate opinions on social issues I feel concerned about. I am often highly amused by the world and my own life. You can know more about me at

Sohrab Hura: An Honest Encounter

“So, tell me… how does a Masters in Economics gel with highly acclaimed photography?” Sohrab Hura, now in his late twenties grinned and replied, “I did it for fun. I also wanted a PhD in Economics, but ended up not going for … Continue reading

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Debasish Shom: Redefining Space

To Debasish Shom, photography is the interpretation of a state of mind. He believes the physiological and emotional thoughts of the mind influence images greatly, and photographs act as a medium to unravel and express these thoughts. A Bangladeshi photographer, … Continue reading

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Munem Wasif: of Expressions and Impressions

Munem Wasif broke into an abrupt reverie. A set of forty images were collapsing in front of him creating a nostalgic motion in his mind. Yet he remained perfectly calm. He knew each image through-and-through, he knew all the pieces. … Continue reading

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In Conversation with Pedro Meyer

One day in 1946.  an 11-years old boy receives a present from his father. It’s a camera. Intrigued, he begins taking pictures. Over time, pictures become his becoming, and a legend is born. The boy is Pedro Meyer. This year, we  are … Continue reading

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Pathshala Students Exhibit at Chobi Mela VI

This year’s Chobi Mela features more students and ex-students from Pathshala than in previous years and highlights the high quality of work that is being produced in the institution. The new breed of photographers is more dynamic and experimental, breaking traditional … Continue reading

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