Chobi Mela VI on WSJ, National Geographic & Vogue (Italy)

Riding a rickshaw to work two days ago the caller surprised me.  It’s  the Wall Street Journal (WSJ)  — and the voice  barely audible amidst the noise on the road said  they are  interested in interviewing Shahidul Alam about the Chobi Mela Festival.  The interview happened, and the story is up today on the WSJ website by Margherita Stancati.

Festival Puts Bangladesh on Photography Map

When one of Asia’s largest photography festivals, Chobi Mela, kicks off on Friday, it is expected to draw photographers from over 30 countries to a show that has turned an unlikely destination into an important stop on the international photography circuit over the last decade.

Mr. Alam said the festival is also about challenging the prevailing narrative on the history of photography, which he criticizes as heavily “eurocentric.”  Despite South Asia’s long-standing and vibrant photography scene, Mr. Alam said, “It looks as though photography practice only happened in the West.” 

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Embedded in Karen Knorr’s photo which is the theme photo of the Chobi Mela VI Festival, on WSJ  is a slide show which gives a preview of photos that will be at the exhibions.

This is the stand-alone link for the slideshow:

 Read also about Chobi Mela VI on National Geographic

and if you can read Italian please see

Vogue – Italy

Bangladesh  Sogna by Stefania Ragusa

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2 Responses to Chobi Mela VI on WSJ, National Geographic & Vogue (Italy)

  1. mel says:

    WSJ should be cake walk for ex-WB ex-US embassy staffer 🙂 … Chulie, does the exhibition come our way?

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