Time is flying


Azaharul Islam Drik Senior Office Asisstant getting things ready at Drik. Photograph Qamruzzaman


2 days to go for opening of the festival?  Time is flying. But then, time is always flying. Its feet never touch the ground. It’s just that now we need to fly with time. … It’s a frenzy over here. Preparations are coming to a fever pitch.  Today is almost over but the whole team is still here at Drik as they have been for the last few days.   

 Walls are painted

Painters at work sprucing up Drik. Photograph Qamruzzaman

Floors have been cleaned. Photograph Qamruzzaman.

and the Badminton Court has been changed toan Open Air Gallery

Planning the change from a badminton court to an open air gallery is A S M Rezaur Rahman, Curatorial Director and artist Munem Wasif. Photograph Saikat Mojumder


Getting it right: Foysal Ahmad Dadong Team Leader Drik Gallery Department does a trial run in the Drik open air gallery. Photograph Saikat Mojumder

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2 Responses to Time is flying

  1. shumon ahmed says:

    i really appreciate your persistence Chuli. thanks for keeping us cheered up, we are truly beginning to feel the vibe of this massive celebration.

    Chobi Mela Jindabad

  2. Shaon says:

    aahh I am waiting for that …….massive celebration .

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