Countdown to Chobi Mela VI — 10 days to go

Are you dreaming of coming to Chobi Mela VI or wishing you were coming?. A wish is voluntary and you make it consciously and have some power over making it come true.  Dreams on the other hand by definition, involve our unconscious mind. Do we have power over our dreams? Or do they have power over us? Can we make a wish come true … 10 days to go to find out.

Yes, the countdown has started and taking a closer look at behind the scenes of the festival was Channel I, one of the partners of the Chobi Mela festival.  

M. Mahbubur Rahman hard at work on the exhibition prints. Photograph Habibul Haque.


M. Mahbubur Rahman meticulously checks colours of Erin Quinn's "Dreaming" exhibition prints. The "Dreaming" exhibition will be at Gallery Zoom, at Alliance Francaise de Dhaka. Photograph Habibul Haque

Getting ready for the interviews. Photograph Saikat Mojumder

Shahidul Alam, Festival Director on Chobi Mela VI: Our right to dream on for a better majority world. Photograph Mahbub Alam Khan

Abir Abdullah Vice Principal Pathshala South Asian Media Academy. Photograph Saikat Mojumder

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5 Responses to Countdown to Chobi Mela VI — 10 days to go

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  2. Shumon Ahmed says:

    feeling so excited, can’t wait till the procession starts. saving all my energy to be part of this huge event.

    best to all of the Chobi Mela VI team.


  3. MASUD ANANDA says:

    nice feeling

  4. M A Quashem Nabil says:

    I am really missing ………..

  5. abdullah al mamun says:


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