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 Where to go, what to see @ Chobi Mela VI   



Images - Glimpses, steeped in the colours of tradition, soaked in sacred waters and suffused with the wisdom of cultural values. India, as a nation finds expression through its many religions. A secular nation that emerges from the roots of faith and belief. Photograph Amit Mehra


Alliance Française 

26 Mirpur Road (Corner Road No.3)

Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1205

Gallery Opening Times: Monday – Thursday: 3pm to 9pm, Friday – Saturday: 10am to 12 pm and 5pm to 8pm

Special Opening Ceremony: 22 January, 3 pm



La Gallery: Laurence Leblanc/Can All Dreams be Found Somewhere Else?


Gallery Zoom: Erin Quinn/Dreaming


Asiatic Gallery of Fine Arts

5, Old Secretariat Road, Nimtali, Ramna

Dhaka – 1000


Gallery Opening Times: Everyday 2 pm to 8 pm

Special Opening Ceremony:25 January, 11 am 



Students’ Work/Morten Krogvold Workshop


Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy

1, Sagunbagicha, Ramna

Dhaka – 1000.

 Gallery Opening Times: Friday and Saturday: 3 pm to 7 pm, Sunday to Thursday :11 am to 7 pm

Grand Opening Ceremony: 21 January, 4 pm




The “Australian Dream” is the dream of a suburban quarter acre block, neighbours that know and care about you, local shops and a general level of prosperity and importantly, security. But the “Australian Dream” is just that, a dream. Photograph Bronek Kozka


Bronek Kozka/Suburbia: The Australian Dream

Kelly Hussey-Smith/Caged 


Sayed Asif Mahmud/My City of Unheard Prayers


Mariam Amurvelashvili/Khevsureti (The Lost Paradise)


Amit Mehra/Timeless India


Rony Zakaria/ Diamond Dreams


Ali Akbar Shirjian/Open Ending of a Long Story


Kosuke Okahara/Any Given Day – Living for the Moment in Medellin’s New Drug War


Carlos Cazalis/The Gift


Mario Macilau/The Zionist (The Zionist Church Movement in Mozambique)




Roma. Leo. Photograph Morten Krogvold


Morten Krogvold/Encounters


Asim Rafiqui/The Inconsolable


Jovian Lim/The Voyage to the Ends of the World


Aitor Lara/Maestranza

Sri Lanka:

Dominic Sansoni/Space for Imagination


Onur Coban/Blinded Dreams in Darfur


National Geographic/All Roads Photography Program


 British Council

5, Fuller Road, Dhaka – 1000

Gallery Opening Times: From 9 to 6pm from 21 – 22nd January and 1- 3 February 2011. From 4 to 9pm- 23– 28 January 2011

Special Opening Ceremony: 24 January, 4 pm 



Gareth Phillips/Existence

Joanna Petrie/ The Girl who Fell to Earth


 Drik Gallery

House 58, Road 15A (New),
Dhanmondi Residential Area, Dhaka 1209

 Gallery Opening Times: Everyday 3 pm to 8 pm

Special Opening Ceremony:23 January, 3 pm      



A S M Rezaur Rahman, Curatorial Director, Chobi Mela and Munem Wasif plan the open air exhibition of Wasif’s “Salt Water Tears”. Drik Gallery, December 2010. Photograph Saikat Mojumder




Open Air: Debasish Shom/Dhaka: My Dreams, My Reality


Open Air: Munem Wasif/Salt Water Tears


Gallery 1: David de Souza/Dreams




Ayatollah Khomeini and the people of Iran who were the engine, the actors, the victims and the onlookers of the tidal wave that no one predicted, and the consequences of which no one foresaw. Billboard portrait of Ayatollah Khomeini. Tehran. February 2, 1979. Photograph David Burnett/ Contact Press Images


Gallery 2: David Burnett/44 Days – Iran and the Remaking of the World



German Cultural Centre

Road No. 9 (New),

House No. 10,

Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1205

Gallery Opening Times: Friday and Saturday – 3 pm to 7 pm, Sunday to Thursday – 11 am to 7 pm

Special Opening Ceremony: 21 January, 7 pm 



Stephan Rabold / A Dream of Venice


Lichutola, Faculty of Fine Arts, Dhaka University

Dhaka University, Dhaka – 1000.

Gallery Opening Times: Everyday 12 pm to 8 pm

Special Opening Ceremony:23 January, 12 pm 





Worn edges of the cities' tissue, the periphery, where one would drive through fast or rush away, sites no one takes note of. Crows gather in a suburban alley near the Hungarian-Romanian Border. Photoograph Tamas Dezso


Tamas Dezso/Here Anywhere

Puerto Rico:

Karen Knorr/India Song


For more information on artists go to : Meet the Selected Artists for Chobi Mela VI on Google Map

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