Chobi Mela VI – Evening Presentations

During the week of 21 January to 27 January 2011, there will be Evening Presentations and Discussions at Goethe-Institut Auditorium daily.



Goethe-Institut Dhaka (Auditorium)

House No. 10,

Road No. 9 (new)

Dhanmondi R/A

Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh

Tel: +880 2 9126525


      21 January: 7.30 pm – 8.30 pm

22-27 January: 6.00 pm – 8.30 pm


Please note that the Evening Program at Goethe-Institut on 21 January will start at 7:30 pm after the Grand Opening Ceremony of Chobi Mela VI at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy at  4 pm.

          21 January: 7.30 pm – 8.30 pm


21 January 2011, Friday

 7.30 pm   Panel Discussion / Significance of Archives

                Nadia Baram, Editor in Chief at ZoneZero, Mexico 

                Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh, Arab Image Foundation, Lebanon

                Robert Pledge, President of Contact Press Images, USA

                Moderator: Shahidul Alam, Festival Director 

8.00 pm   Pedro Meyer, Mexico, Founder Zonezero 



22 January 2011, Saturday

 6.00 pm   Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani, Togo/Germany

                Digital exhibition / Everyday Objects that Hide Human Faces

6.15 pm   Tushikur Rahman, Bangladesh

                Digital exhibition / Fatalistic Tendency

6.30 pm   Desirée Peccue, Germany

                Digital exhibition / Souvenir-Pictures of a Self-Made Mind-Journey

6.45 pm   Shumon Ahmed, Bangladesh

                Photo film – Land of the Free

7.00 pm   Morten Krogvold, Norway


8.00 pm   Video Conference: Dr. Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Prosecutor,

                International Criminal Court

                Moderator: Shahidul Alam


23 January 2011, Sunday

6.00 pm   Peter Bialobrzeski, Germany


6.30 pm   Mohammad Anisul Hoque, Bangladesh

                Digital exhibition / High Life

6.45 pm   Taslima Akhter, Bangladesh

                Digital exhibition / The Life and Struggle of Garment Workers

7.00 pm   Nadia Baram, Editor in Chief, ZoneZero, Mexico


7.15 pm   Sanna Nissinen, Majority World, Finland


7.30 pm   Walks of life, experience, collaboration, process

Taslima Akhtfer, Ashraful Awal Mishuk, Nazrul Hider Chowdhury, Md Rashed   Kibria Polash, Muhammad Murtada, Tanvir Murad, Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh and Davide Quadrio



24 January 2011, Monday

 6.00 pm   Kelly Hussey-Smith & Alan Hill, Australia

                Presentation and Book Launch

6.30 pm   Bruno Quinquet, France

                Digital exhibition / 2LDK

                Annu Palakunnathu Matthew, USA

                Photo film / Re-Generation

6.45 pm   Lawrence Dizon Sumulong, Philippines

                Digital exhibition / China Trace

                Prasanta Biswas, India

                Digital exhibition / Rural India

7.00 pm   Robert Pledge,  President of Contact Press Images, USA


7.30 pm   Per Anders Rosenkvist, Norway



25 January 2011, Tuesday

 6.00 pm   David de Souza, India


6.30 pm   Sailendra Kharel, Nepal

                Digital exhibition / Koshi Tragedy

6.45 pm   Erik Messori, Italy

                Digital exhibition / The Aftermath of Cyclone SIDR

7.00 pm   Khaled Hasan, Bangladesh

                Digital exhibition / Tears of Memories: Death of Dreams

7.15 pm   Chandan Robert Rebeiro, Bangladesh

                Digital exhibition / Rest in Peace

7.30 pm   Parnab Mukherjee, India

                Play / Parable of the Lost Post Office


26 January 2011, Wednesday

6.00 pm   12 years of Pathshala


6.30 pm   Kürsat Bayhan, Turkey

                Digital exhibition / Hope for a New Life

6.45 pm   Ian Buswell, UK

                Digital exhibition / Silence Across the Salveen

7.00 pm   Mohammad Ashraful Huda, Bangladesh

                Digital exhibition / The Journey of a Dream

7.15 pm   Chris Riley, USA



27 January 2011, Thursday

6.00 pm   Open Society Foundations, USA

Documenting Human Rights and Social Justice Issues in Central Asia, the Caucasus, Afghanistan and Pakistan

6.30 pm   Prito Reza, Bangladesh

                Digital exhibition / Unsung Heroes

6.45 pm   Heng Ravuth, Cambodia

                Digital exhibition / Me

7.00 pm   M A Naser, Bangladesh

                Digital exhibition / Dreams Beyond Boundaries

7.15 pm   Panel Discussion / Are There Other Ways of Seeing?

                Laurence Leblanc, Photographer, France

                Dick Doughty, Managing Editor Saudi Aramco World, USA

                Shahidul Alam, Festival Director, Chobi Mela

8.00 pm   Chobi Mela VI

                Presentation by Documentation Unit

                Call for Chobi Mela VII theme

                Vote of Thanks Chobi Mela VII by Shahidul Alam, Festival Director

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2 Responses to Chobi Mela VI – Evening Presentations

  1. Arif Bin Forhad says:

    Thank you.

    Is it possible for any one to record Evening Programs and share it on Youtube or other online video sharing. Pathshala students could get a voluntary work on it to share these knowledge world wide.

  2. Evening presentations will be broadcast ‘Live through Internet’ at:

    Watch the blog will give link later

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