Chobi Mela VI – Workshop Registration

Workshop doors are now closed for applicants. .Workshop Coordinator: 

16-20 January, 2011 

Untitled/Conducted by: Sohrab Hura

This is a “Carte Blanche” workshop, where everyone is free do whatever he or she wants. i.e. You could work on a new project or continue working on any of the projects that you have submitted for the workshop.

 Fees: Tk 3000


16-22 January, 2011

Photography Aesthetics/Conducted by Morten Krogvold

Workshop Aim: Participants to explore different visual languages and aesthetics through photography.  

 Fees: Tk 3000


18, 20 and 24 January, 2011

Contemporary Documentary Practice/ Conducted by Peter Bialobrzeski  in cooperation with Goethe-Institut Bangladesh

Workshop Aim: Examine the possibilities of creating “A sense of Place” within the context of the international Photo Documentary Scene.

Fees:  No charge

19-24 January, 2011

Portraits of Commitments/ Conducted by Dick Doughty

Workshop Aim: Students to work individually and in collaboration to produce a portrait-driven feature article for Saudi Aramco World magazine under its editor Dick Doughty. The article will portray a wide range of Bangladeshi individuals (and possibly groups), mostly in the Dhaka region, who are making noteworthy, positive contributions to their communities.

 Fees: Tk 3000


23 January, 2011

Portfolio Review by Eveline Schotsman

Workshop aim: Participants work will be reviewed and discussed.

 Fees: Tk. 500


25 – 26 January, 2011 

(Please note change of Dates)

Sensitive experiences: to go beyond the surface of things/ Conducted by Laurence Leblanc

Workshop Aim: The aim of this workshop is not to limit oneself to the surface of things, but on the contrary, to confront one’s choices, desires, visions to what surrounds us, to what is easily seen so as to reach a singular way of seeing and search for an esthetic coherence of meaning.

 Fees: Tk 2000


23-25 January, 2011

Digital Application in Contemporary Photography/ Conducted by Pedro Meyer and Nadia Baram.

Workshop aim: Participants will be given an updated exposure to digital applications in photography.

 Fees: Tk 2000


24-25 January, 2011

The Second Half of the Photographic Process: Editing/Conducted by Robert Pledge

Workshop aim:  The focus will be on the importance of editing photographs and preparing them for publication in different media such as print, Internet, and in exhibitions.

Fees: Tk. 2000


27 January, 2011

Publishing for Photography and Human Rights/Conducted by Tom O Mara

Workshop aim:  The workshop will present an overview of Autograph ABP Publications’ history and the challenges of working with artists in the field of human rights. Discussion sessions will be initiated on how to overcome the problem of distributing work internationally. The focus will be on recent Autograph ABP publications concerning Algeria and the Congo.

 Fees: Tk. 500

 Portfolio Review by Chris Rainier  Regret to announce that this Portfolio Review  is cancelled

Workshop aim: Photography done by participants will be reviewed and discussed.

 Fees: Tk. 500

29 January, 2011

Copyright and Heritage Seminar/conducted by Rupert Grey in collaboration with Amir & Amir Law Associates, Bangladesh.

Seminar Focus : Discussion will be on basic principles of copyright and privacy; Law and practice in Bangladesh; Sale and distribution of images in Bangladesh and overseas.

 Fees: Free and open to the public


Workshop at Chobi Mela V. Photograph Snigdha Zaman


The registration deadline is 15 Jan. 2011, for those selected by the evaluation team.

 Registration will remain open till the day before workshops only for selected international participants.

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