Meet the Selected Artists for Chobi Mela VI on Google Map

Link here to the Google Map showing countries, and a brief introduction to the participating photographers of the Chobi Mela VI- International Festival of Photography, to be held in Bangladesh from 21 January to 3 February, 2011. Please zoom in to areas that have a higher density of artists in order to access buttons that are in close proximity.

See below for a complete listing of all artists in the Print and Digital Exhibitions and get to know them via their  blogs and websites.

The theme for this year’s festival is Dreams. Here at the largest in South Asian photography festival, talented and creative photographers will become dream merchants.  The 28 print and 20 digital presentations will conjure up a mystical world, through light and shape and dancing pixels- merging the past and the present, bringing to the fore salient facts, forcing us to look within ourselves as well as at the world we live in.

The festival will challenge the traditional perceptions of art reaching out to the public through gallery, open-air/unconventional locations and mobile touring exhibitions. Parallel to the exhibitions there will be workshops, discussions, seminars and lectures that will initiate debates and discussions on issues central to contemporary photographic practice

Since its inception in 2000, the festival has aimed to explore the semiotics of present day photographic practice in a broad national and international context, to bring about an understanding of the medium both within the industry and amongst the public at large. 

Participating countries:  30

Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Chile,  France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary,  India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Mozambique, Nepal,  Norway, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines,  Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, , Togo,  Turkey, U.K. and U.S.A.

Given below the links to websites of artists but we have not been able to trace the web presence for a couple of artists.  You will also notice that a number of artists have wandered away from their country of birth to do stories in other countries.

Selected Artists for Print Exhibitions


Bronek Kozka / Suburbia: The Australian Dream

Kelly Hussey-Smith / Caged


Debasish Shom / Dhaka: My Dreams, My Reality 

Munem Wasif / Salt Water Tears

Sayed Asif Mahmud / My City of Unheard Prayers


Laurence Leblanc / Can all dreams be found somewhere else?


Mariam Amurvelashvili / Khevsureti: The Lost Paradise 


Stephan Rabold / A Dream of Venice 


Tamas Dezso / Here Anywhere


Amit Mehra / Timeless India

David de Souza / Dreams 


Rony Zakaria / Diamond Dreams  


Ali Akbar Shirjian / Open Ending of a Long Story


Erin Quinn / Dreaming


Kozuke Okahara / Any Given Day – Living for the Moment in Medellin’s New Drug War  


Carlos Cazalis / The Gift 


Mario Macilau / The Zionist 


Morten Krogvold / Encounters


Asim Rafiqui / The Inconsolable  

Puerto Rico/U.K.:

Karen Knorr / India Song 


Jovian Lim / The Voyage to the Ends of the World  


Aitor Lara / Maestranza 

Sri Lanka:

Dominic Sansoni / Space for Imagination 


Onur Coban / Blinded Dreams in Darfur 


Gareth Phillips / Existence  

Joanna Petrie / The Girl who Fell to Earth  


David Burnett / 44 Days – Iran and the Remaking of the World

International Group:

National Geographic / All Roads Project

 Rashid Talukder (Bangladesh), Pioneer Photography Award: Photo-essay “The 1971 Liberation War

 Tomás Munita (Chile), Mid-career Photography Award: Photo-essay “Lost Harvest-The Death of Loa River

Sumit Dayal (Kashmir), Emerging Photographer Award: Photo-essay “On Going Home

Selected Artists for Digital Exhibitions


Chandan Robert Rebeiro / Rest in Peace

Khaled Hasan / Tears of Memories: Death of Dreams

M A Naser / Dreams Beyond Boundaries

Mohammad Anisul Hoque / High Life

Mohammad Ashraful Huda / The Journey of a Dream

Prito Reza / Unsung Heroes

Shumon Ahmed / Land of the Free

Taslima Akhter / The Life and Struggle of Garment Workers

Tushikur Rahman / Fatalistic Tendency


Heng Ravuth / Me


Bruno Quinquet / 2LDK


Desirée Peccue/ Souvenir-Pictures of a Self-Made Mind-Journey


Prasanta Biswas / Rural India


Erik Messori / The Aftermath of Cyclone SIDR


Sailendra Kharel / Koshi Tragedy


Lawrence Dizon Sumulong / China Trace 


Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani / Everyday Objects that Hide Human Faces


Kürşat Bayhan / Hope for a New Life


Ian Buswell / Silence Across the Salveen


Annu Palakunnathu Matthew / Re-Generation

 The Google Map by Bai Xi Natalie

The official website of the Chobi Mela VI will be launched soon.

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  3. Kazi Robayet Islam says:

    First of all, i’d like to thanks Mr. Shahidul Alam for this outstanding step. And then I’d like to cheers to all the Chobi Mela VI team members, those who are arranging it by their non stop labour and indomitable wishes.

    Wishing you all the best !!!

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